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Warehouse and Logistics Services in Manesar- Manesar is the fastest-growing industrial town in the Gurgaon district of Haryana. The demand for warehouse and logistics has been increasing slowly and gradually. Lokesh Logistics provides warehouse solutions that suit the demands of various businesses. Our company helps you to choose the right warehouses across the PAN India network which are organized, well maintained, and well equipped with all important facilities that help to reduce operational costs and accurate inventory management.

Our company provides the best warehouse and logistics services in Manesar. Our firm is a reliable, trustworthy,well-established, and highly reputed company. Lokesh Logistics has a huge collection of vehicles, including trailers, vans, and trucks that are armed with advanced and modern technology systems to ensure the safe and timely delivery of stocks. Besides this, the company’s distribution network is designed to optimize logistics operations, with advanced automated material handling equipment, real-time tracking systems, and inventory management software that help clients manage their distribution and inventory operations more effectively. 

Warehouse and Logistics Services in Manesar

To know more about the warehouse and logistics services in Manesar, contact Lokesh Logistics at  +91 9468172896 or drop us an email at

Why choose Lokesh Logistics for Warehouse and Logistics services in Manesar?

Lokesh Logistics provides a base and has a wide network of warehouses and logistics hubs in all major cities across India. Using this base, any business can easily reach new heights of success and growth in their respective business lines. Our company stands among the competitors by creating a CCI (Customer-Centric Initiative) that includes a dedicated team of auditors, a transition team for smooth client onboarding, and a team of technological experts to deal with the current digital era.

Also, Lokesh Logistics provides knowledge-sharing and training sessions to its team members to keep them updated. Here are some of the best services offered by Lokesh Logistics for warehouse and logistics services in Manesar:-

  • Racks, Pallets, and Bins with WMS
  • A Large 3PL Warehouse Network
  •  24*7 CCTV, Fire & Manned Security
  •  Cost-Effective Warehouse on Hire
  • On-Demand Warehousing Support
  •  Best Material Handling Equipment

Warehouse and Logistics Services in Manesar

Are you looking for warehouse and logistic services in Manesar?  Worry not,  We have our presence in Manesar and many other parts of India. We also provide many other services that include data analytics, finance IT, and marketing to all its operating companies. We provide CRM, delivery management, custom packaging, transportation, web support, international services, ground packaging, and more. Also, we ensure safe & fast delivery of goods, warehouse management, managing inventory, prompt service, 24/7  customer service, and many more. Our company provides services to many industries including pharma, cosmetics, FMCG, solar & power, chemical & plastic, consumer durables, and electronic industries.

A Brief Guide On  Getting Started with Lokesh Logistics

Lokesh Logistics was established in 2008 by Mr. Suresh Yadav. We as a team, work with a shared sense of purpose across regions to deliver on our promises to customers. To gain our client’s trust, being honest with them and doing the right things is the most effective way. You can partner with Lokesh Logistics using a very simple and fast process. Our experts are ready to deliver specific 3PL logistic solutions in Manesar. Here is a quick summary of getting started with Lokesh Logistics in the image below.

Warehouse and Logistics Services in Manesar

Get a Warehouse on Lease/Rent in Manessar with Lokesh Logistics

Our warehouse for lease/rent in Manesar has all the facilities that are needed to carry the logistic operations such as transporting the stock from one place to our warehouse, storage, quality check, dispatch, live reports, and secondary distribution. Our warehouse and logistics services in Manesar for rent, lease, or hire are available with our warehouse management system which provides real-time data access to our clients. Secure your warehouse in Manesar with Lokesh Logistics at affordable prices

Dedication to material Security & Safety at Lokesh Logistics

Lokesh Logistics warehouses are centrally monitored and regular measures are taken to improve them. We make use of heavy-duty racks, pallets, fumigation, material handling equipment, and proper cleaning of boxes, bags, stackers, and stairs to ensure safe material handling, and safety from water leakages. Also, we use fire hydrants and extinguishers to keep the material safe from any fire threats. 

We keep our passageways and aisles clear and in good condition as this prevents workers from tripping, falling, and slipping. Our company makes sure that all the safety equipment is being checked before use. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1)  Are my goods safe in your warehouse?

A) High-security safety units like CCTV cameras, fire extinguishers, 24-hour manned security and many more safeguard your goods. The security measures of Lokessh Logistics are centrally monitored, and frequent steps are taken to enhance them. Warehouse Service India uses pallets, (HDR) MHEs (equipment for the material handling) fumigation, the right cleaning of bags, stackers, and stairs for the safe handling of materials, and safety from water filters, fire extinguishers, and hydrants for safeguarding the material from potential fire hazards.

Q.2) How are rates determined in a warehouse?

A) Warehouse rates are normally determined weekly or monthly or even storage medium which can be a pallet, pick bin, and many others. Most of the warehouses charge their customers according to the rates per pallet.

Q.3) What is a 3PL warehouse?

 A) Outsourcing logistics is also referred to as 3PL or third-party logistics. Services like swap, inventory management, and shipment. Third-party logistics businesses offer a huge variety of services related to supply chain logistics that include transportation, warehousing services, picking and packing, inventory forecasting, trans-shipment, order fulfillment, and shipping.

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