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Unlock the potential of a state-of-the-art warehouse facility. Let your brand reach its height in the e-commerce world. Explore the diversified options of 3PL Warehouse Companies in Faridabad. We help you choose the best, hence have mentioned the companies in this blog that use a technology platform called “Inciflo”. This offers real-time access to the client about their entire supply chain. This is an optimizing way to provide implementing solutions to the clients. 

Faridabad is located in Delhi NCR and here the 3PL Warehouse Companies in Faridabad are comparatively more than in other places. Sharing a neighborhood with the capital, Faridabad is a center of attraction for many economically booming companies. 

3PL Warehouse Companies in Faridabad

The 3PL Warehouse Companies in Faridabad work with a deep understanding of Optimizing distribution, storage, SKU management, and reverse logistics, and have a wide supply chain to perform the courier functions properly. 

Let’s commence with the list!

Top 3PL Warehouse Companies in Faridabad

Experts in the field, our research team brings you a list of the best 3PL Warehouse Companies in Faridabad. It includes Lokesh Logistics, Godamwale, Prozo, Warehousing Express, WareIQ, AWL India, TCI Express, and OmTrans Logistics.

Lokesh Logistics

Best Logistics & 3PL Warehousing In India

Establishing Year: 1990

Location: NH-8 Delhi Highway

Services: Supply chain warehousing, intermodal transportation, order tracking, project logistics, and beyond

At Lokesh Logistics, we understand how to deliver the best services to the companies residing in Faridabad and its neighboring areas. To fulfill the client’s unique needs with our customized third-party logistics (3PL) solutions is a priority. Our 3 PL warehouse solutions involve inventory management, execution of supplies, fulfillment of the product delivery, and we further manage the real-time SLA breach monitoring.

Highlights of Lokesh Logistics as one of the top 3PL Warehouse Companies in Faridabad

  • 33+ years in third-party warehousing service.
  • 10,00,00 square feet warehouse PAN India
  • Spread across 15 cities in India.
  • Serving the multinational companies with its warehouse centers in Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, etc

Why Outsource 3PL Warehousing Solutions With Lokesh Logistics

With Lokesh Logistics, you can receive the best outsourcing benefits. These are mentioned below. 

  • Improve your business’s capability by offering your products on time to the customers.
  • Cost reduction is a major prescription for any entrepreneur, we at Lokesk Logistis ensure that you receive premium service at low prices. 
  • Lokesh Logistics ensures the products are safe and hence follow rules and regulations. This reduces your risk mitigation.
  • With Lokesh Logistics’s Third-party Warehousing service, you will receive on-time order shipment services. 
  • It focuses on the management of your products including storage and delivery.  

Contact Lokesh Logistics

For more details, visit us.

Address: Lokesh Logistics Pvt. Ltd., 62 Km stone Sidhrawali, Nh-8 Delhi- Jaipur Highway, Gurgaon, Haryana Pin 122413

Call: +91 9468172896


Godamwale logo b

Establishment Year:  2016

Services offer: Supply chain technology for 3PL fulfillment, storage, etc

Location: Mumbai, Delhi NCR

Explore the best logistic services with Godamwale, attaining a second spot in the list of 3PL Warehouse Companies in Faridabad. 

Godamwaa is known as the Outsourcing warehousing company in India as it offers promotional support for customized third-party logistics. Its seamless and affordable services can help you reduce the maximum cost to a minimum and let your business reach success with the best delivery standards.


Establishment Year: 2015

Services offered: Pay-per-use warehousing, B2B Deliveries, B2B, D2C & B2C Order-fulfillment, etc.

Location: Gurugram

Prozo is one top 3PL Warehouse Companies in Faridabad. It’s a platform for all your unique and basic needs of logistics. Prozo has a different team for every logistic operation such as an Onboarding Team, Inventory Control Team, Warehouse/Industrial Design Team, supply chain team, etc.

You can trust Prazo with its services as it is associated with the top brands of India such as Foxtale, Pepe Jeans, Atmosphere, Supply Chanin, Lavie, etc.

The eCommerce solution by Prozo is commendable, it values your time and money. You can collaborate with the firm for your Logistics services in PAN India. 

Warehousing Express

Best 3PL Warehouse Services Company

Establishing Year: 2015

Location: Gurugram

Services: Supply chain solution, On-time delivery, etc

Warehousing Express, a leading 3PL Warehouse Companies in Faridabad believes in streamlining your business with immense profit. It is a customer-centric company that provides impressive digital solutions.

Attractive points about WareHousing Express:

  • Racks, Pallets, and Bins with WMS
  •  24*7 CCTV, Fire & Manned Security
  • Large 3PL Warehouse Network
  • Live Inventory Management Login
  •  Best Material Handling Equipment, etc



Founding Year: 2019

Location: Sector 41, Gurugram

Services: Ultra-fast delivery, first-mile delivery services, order fulfillment, inventory management, reverse logistics, PAN India storage network, etc.

Among the list of 3PL Warehouse Companies in Faridabad, WarelQ offers a range of supportive logistic solutions with commendable edge-cutting AI and ML technology. 


  • Does not have any restriction for a minimum order delivery number.
  • Have a standardized inventory control that makes its logistical solution unimaginable. 
  • No hidden extra cost of delivering products. 
  • Client-centric and professional with clients hence working with the top clients in the industry.

Associates with the company to receive splendid profits and attain responsive results with the logistics solution of WarelQ.

AWL India

logistics companies in faridabad_AWL India

Founding Year: 2007

Location: Sector 53, Gurugram, Haryana

Services: Optimize international operations with warehousing, customs clearance, inventory management, and supply chain optimization.

AWL India in the list of 3PL Warehouse Companies in Faridabad focuses on the prime delivery of products and associates with the client who look for B2B services. Currently, AWL Indis is offering the fastest delivery services in more than 17,000 locations including India and other 70+ nations across the globe.

It has its expertizes in the packaging, shipping, and handling of the products. Its warehouses are spacious and provide multilevel facilities. It is a tech-friendly firm and deals with clients professionally

TCI Express

logistics companies in faridabad_TCI Express

Establishing Year: 1996

Location: MAIN MATHURA ROAD, Faridabad

Services Offered: Ultra-fast delivery with cold storage facilities, international shipping, intermodal transport, and efficient order tracking.

TCI Express is known in the field for its support assistance in transportation services. It mentions the ultra fasts delivery in India and abroad. It has a professional linkup with many companies in the nation and worldwide. 

It has more than 20 years of years in express delivery for domestic and international shipping with cold storage facilities and efficient parcel tracking.


With these 3PL Warehouse Companies in Faridabad, you can uplift your business reach to the customers. The companies residing in Faridabad have their reach to Delhi, Gurugram, Ghaziabad, and other nearby locations of Haryana. Outsourcing has always been a relevant option for clients. Various companies have a different working approach that signifies themselves as B2B and D2C sellers. Lokesh Logistics has security and works for the welfare of the clients. You may associate with us soon.  

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